We were established in 2008 through ambitions of providing a high class South Asian dining experience to food lovers of the South West. Though often imitated we are the original and bear no relation to any similarly named establishments.

Our name is derived from the legendary warriors of Mughal governed India and our restaurant theme takes inspiration from this and adds touches of contemporary India and aristocratic Bengal to a grand grade listed Georgian cellar.

Cooking is an art derived over the centuries from a diversity of sources and developments. Factors such as Religion, health, customs and even climatic conditions have played their part. Meal-times in an Indian household are like ceremonial occasions; the food is a gift from Deities and should be prepared with due respect.


In this restaurant we present Tandoori, Mughal and Bengali dishes as a sample of the variety of classic South Asian food found across the Indian Sub-continent. We augment this with a series of specially perfected dishes created by our team of long serving chefs who demand only the best. Our food is what has won as so much acclaim and we continue our dedication to this art each and every night. Our efforts have been rewarded with numerous awards over the years and we hope to continue to excite diners in the future.



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